Changing China one person at a time.

This book follows the lives of two remarkable Chinese physicians, Mary Stone and Ida Kahn, who where the first female Chinese doctors educated in Western medicine. Both women changed China forever. This story shares their lifelong contributions to the China of their day, and how patient by patient they ended ancient traditions by producing positive results. Binding feet fell from fashion, surgery became the best solution for tumors, and female medical education saved many lives.

Both physicians were born in Kiukiang, now called Jiujiang, one of many pearls along the sometimes over-flowing Yangtze River. Both were “entrusted” to missionaries. Both children had something about them their parents saw as mystical. We all became blessed because they took a course of unprecedented action, covering more than half the globe, and spoke to a simple way of facing impossible odds to make a difference.



Dr. Mary Stone

Mary Stone in school Dr. Stone and sisters Dr. Stone's Ward The Nursing Staff In Memory

Dr. Ida Kahn started her medical practice with Dr. Mary Stone in Jiujiang and later was requested to open a hospital in Nanchang; that later became the Nanchang  Gynecological Hospital.

Dr. Ida Kahn Dr. Ida Kahn

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